Outphasing zinc oxide?

Gut maturation and development depends on butyric acids in the gut.

Butyric acid has multiple beneficial effects on vital intestinal function as energy source for enterocytes to stimulate villi
development, gut epithelial integrity and anti-inflammatory function - all desirable outcomes needed to alleviate the transition
during weaning.

Dietary fiber is used in starter diets for multiple reasons. It stimulates the natural production of butyric acid in the lower gut where
the desirable effects are needed. Inert fiber physically stimulates the passage of digesta while fermentation of fiber by commencial bactria results in the production of butyric acid. Stimulation of the gut microflora to produce more butyric acid depends not
only on dietary fiber but also on the quality of fiber used (Bach Knudsen et al. (2018) in Nutrients).

Better performance with HP FiberStart

When faced with weaning challenges HP FiberStart is optimal to use because it maintains same high growth performance. The growth performance of HP FiberStart is tested in feeding trials under commercial conditions as well as in universities. The statistical power of our trials, with a great magnitude in terms of number of piglets and replicates, secure that the measured differences in ADG and FCR between treatments are correct.

HP FiberStart – key findings

  • 19% higher butyric acid production
  • Higher weight gain
  • Better feed conversion ratio

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